Large Christmas basket


Weight: Large format Christmas hamper 10kg

Christmas basket composition large format: Raw ham without bone, Guanciale, Lentils, Coppiette ham, Salame with wild boar, Salame with truffle, Salame Barolo, Salame Spicy with fennel

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La Norcineria Viola was founded in 1890 in the heart of Piazza Campo dè Fiori, Rome's most important square.

In this old workshop run by the family Viola, I can find theWe offer a simple and genuine taste of what was once the charm of the Rome of the Umberto Age. Combined with the excellence of "Made in Italy" products that are the hallmark of the Norcineria Viola. As you enter, you are overwhelmed by the scents of the unique selection of products from the Umbrian town of Norcia.

These are products made from pork. Sausages with various grains and flavourings, coppiette, jowls, bacon, hams and loins. In addition to the Roman coral. There is a selection of other regional cured meats (Aquilano, ciauscolo, etc.). A careful selection of seasonal cheeses as well as Caciotta with truffles, tray selection of cured meats. A taste is a must, perhaps accompanied by a good glass of wine. Our history has been going on for over a hundred years. It is rooted in the passion we put into producing and processing the highest quality meats and cold cuts. 

From the selection of the meat, which comes from indigenous pigs fed in a healthy and natural way, to the manual processing of the products, everything is done to perfection.

Our meat choices and the ingredients of the dough are strictly ours, for a final product 100% Italian.

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Weight10000 g