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Norcineria Viola

Norcineria ViolaTradition & Passion since 1890.

La Norcineria Viola has been located in Rome since 1890 in Piazza Campo dè Fiori. In our old shop we rediscover in a simple and genuine way what was the charm of the Umbertine Rome, combined with the excellence of Made in Italy products that are the hallmark of our tradition.

We have been working in the pork butchery sector for over a hundred years, offering a wide range of products typical of the area of Norcia and not only. Come and visit us in our old shop and you will have the chance to taste unique flavours, the prerogative of the cured meats of a pork-butchery that does this work with interest and true passion.

Norcineria Viola

The tradition

La Norcineria Viola has been distinguished since 1890 by the passion it puts into producing and processing meat and for our top-quality charcuterie. Our family has handed down this knowledge to the present day, making us one of the most experienced pork butchers in circulation. Today we carry on the brand Viola with commitment, which has become a reference point for lovers of good food, chosen by gourmets all over the world.

Norcineria Viola

The product

The history of the Norcineria Viola since 1890 is the result of a long journey of knowledge and understanding. We keep intact the techniques of the pork-butchering tradition that our ancestors have handed down to us, and at the same time we are constantly looking for new methods to enhance the quality and taste of all our products; the work we do is rigorously carried out in an artisan manner to obtain a product that respects our high standards.

Norcineria Viola

Quality 100% Italian

We use only selected meats and the ingredients of the dough are strictly local for a final product 100% made in Italy. We carefully select the excellence of our land in the field of gastronomy: Barolo, hazelnuts, truffles, cheeses, spices, are just some of the delicacies that enrich our products and make our region famous. Norcineria Viola since 1890 all over the world.